The George and Laura Appell Award for the Conservation of Biodiversity in Maine’s Mountains

This new award acknowledges and celebrates an individual or organization who has consistently worked over time to discover and conserve the biodiversity of the Maine Appalachian Mountain Corridor. The award recognizes and honors significant work in research, land conservation, advocacy, leadership, or philanthropy that conserves and protects the forests, waters, ecosystems, and wildlife of the region.

George and Laura Appell

The award honors the lives of Dr. George Appell and his wife Laura, field anthropologists, and long-time residents of the Maine Mountain region, for their love of the region’s natural habitat and all they did to conserve it. The breadth of their work and interest was international, but their deep commitment to conserving this incredible region led to the creation of the Maine Mountain Collaborative.


$10,000, made possible by the generosity of the Appell Family. The award is made directly to the awardee to continue their work on behalf of biodiversity in Maine’s Mountains.

Nominations for the 2022 award are due November 2, 2022