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January 2024

Maine Mountain Collaborative, with Partners, Announces Launch of new Exemplary Forestry Investment Fund.

News from the Maine Mountain Collaborative.

December 2021

Partnership Awarded Competitive $300,000 Conservation Innovation Grant to Boost Improved Forest Management and Mitigate Climate Change in Maine

June 2021

Maine Mountain Collaborative Offering Grants for Land Conservation

March 2021

Incentivizing long-term forest ownership

June 2020

Maine Mountain Collaborative Receives Matching Grants Totaling $240,000 to Advance Exemplary Forestry Investment Fund

October 2019

Let’s Fill Our Cities With Taller, Wooden Buildings – Trees are some of our best allies in solving the climate crisis.

March 2019

Sea Change: The True Climate Corridor – and the Risks of Severing an Ecological Artery

Bipartisan Maine Land Conservation Task Force Announces 2019 Recommendations:

Press Release: Joined by Governor Janet Mills, Bipartisan Land Conservation Task Force Announces 2019 Recommendations

Shaping the Next Generation of Land Conservation in Maine – Final Report from the Land Conservation Task Force 2019

February 2019

Nearly 27,000 Acres Purchased In Maine’s North Woods For Conservation And Economic Benefits – Partnership between The Conservation Fund and AMC

The Appalachian Mountain Club Report of 27,000 Acres Purchased

June 2018

Conservation deal protects 10,000 acres in Western Maine

MATLT’s page on Redington Forest

January 2018

Forest Society of Maine completes 100-Mile Wilderness conservation project

September 2017

Harvard Forest Report: Forests, Funding, and Conservation in Decline across New England The Trust for Public Land Options Land for Bethel Community Forest

July 2017

New Maine Land Conservation Fund Announced

January 2017

Forest Society of Maine Leads Project to Conserve 4,358 Acres Near Katahdin Iron Works