2020 Webinar Series on Climate Change in Maine’s Mountains

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Virtual Symposium on Climate Change in Maine’s Mountains

Summary of Sessions

Symposium on the Ecological Impacts of Climate Change in Maine’s Mountains
A Virtual Event
October 26-27, 2020

Hosted by the Maine Mountain Collaborative and Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust

Symposium Purpose: Distill and share findings on the current and predicted impacts of climate change on the ecology of Maine’s Mountains in order to advance new conservation and management strategies and practices to address those impacts. Convene and foster collaboration between land conservation and research communities.


Opening Plenary Session

Video Recording  (62 minutes)

Acknowledgment of Indigenous Land 

Learn more about the Wabanaki Tribes (Maliseet, Micmac, Passamaquoddy, and Penobscot)

Join us in supporting Wabanaki organizations

Session 1: Snow and Ice Cover and Extreme Weather Events

Session Co-Chairs Dr. Sarah Nelson, AMC; and Glenn Hodgkins, USGS

Video Recording  (1 hour, 8 minutes)

Session Report Slides PDF

Session 2: Species Range Shift and Refugia

Session Co-Chairs Dr. Abe Miller-Rushing, Acadia National Park, Dr. Toni Lynn Morelli, USGS

Video Recording   (1 hour, 5 minutes)

Session 2 Discussion Report Slides PDF

Session 3: Session #3: Forest Ecosystems and Management

Co-Chairs Dr. Jay Wason III, University of Maine, and Steve Tatko, AMC

Video Links (recording is unfortunately incomplete):

Session Discussion Report Slides PDF

Session 4: Aquatic Connectivity

Co-Chairs Dr. Rachel Hovel, University of Maine Farmington; and Amanda Cross, Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

Video Recording  (1 hour, 3 minutes)

Session Discussion Notes PDF

Session 5: Alpine Habitat and Management

Co-Chairs Dr. Caitlin McDonough MacKenzie, University of Maine and Colby College; and Mike Pounch, Baxter State Park

Video Recording (1 hour, 11 minutes)

Session discussion report slides PDF