Symposium on Climate Change in Maine’s Mountains

Re-scheduled to October 26-27, 2020 – Rangeley Inn, Rangeley, Maine

Purpose: Distill and share findings on the current and predicted impacts of climate change on the ecology of Maine’s Mountains in order to advance new conservation and management strategies and practices to address those impacts. Convene and foster collaboration between land conservation and research communities.

Hosted by the Maine Mountain Collaborative and Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust
Registration opens late February
For more information: Bryan Wentzell, Maine Mountain Collaborative
207-233-1602 bwentzell”at”

The Symposium seeks to ask and address the following questions:

  1. How will climate change affect the ecology of the region?
  2. How should the practice of land and water conservation change in response?
  3. What are the needs and opportunities for landowners and managers to voluntarily change land management practices on current conservation lands (or willing private lands) to help the region’s ecology adapt to climate change, or help advance research needs?
  4. What future research is needed for all of the above?

Click here for a PDF Call for Abstracts* for the following themes:

  1. Forest ecosystems and management
  2. Aquatic connectivity
  3. Alpine habitat and management
  4. Snow, Ice, and extreme weather events
  5. Species range shift and refugia

*Peer-reviewed papers based on the proceedings may be published in a special publication to be announced.


Oct. 26: local field trips including Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge Forest Management Tour, bird watching, and LightHawk flights for participants and media. Evening speaker on Thursday open to the public.

Oct. 27: presentations and discussion for invited Symposium participants. Each theme will be addressed in a session and will have 15 minutes of opening presentation followed by 60 minutes of facilitated discussion.

Planning Committee:

  • Dr. Jay Wason, Assistant Professor of Forest Ecosystem Physiology, University of Maine
  • Dr. Caitlin Mackenzie, David H. Smith Postdoc Fellow, University of Maine
  • Dr. Rachel Hovel, Assistant Professor of Biology, University of Maine Farmington
  • Dr. Sarah Nelson, Research Director, AMC
  • Steve Tatko, Director of Maine Conservation and Land Management, AMC
  • Dr. Abraham Miller-Rushing, Science Coordinator, Acadia National Park